How to Delete a Reddit Account?

If you often surf the Internet, you’ve probably heard of a service like Reddit. The site positions itself as “the first column of the Internet.” In this article, we will discuss the peculiarities of this platform.

What is Reddit?

Reddit is both a Q&A site and a large-scale social network rolled into one. Reddit is a great community platform, with subedits covering every imaginable interest. You can ask questions, post funny pictures, or share personal thoughts with millions of other Reddit users. They are an educated audience interested in technology, innovation, and what is happening in the world.

How to write a post on Reddit to get it in the TOP?

Reddit links are not easy. In order to correctly place yourself on this social network, you must follow these tips:

  • Attach a relevant illustration (picture, photo, map, screenshot, gif). Set up visual connections with users.
  • Don’t forget about storytelling. It is a very cool tool for any kind of content. Everything needs to be presented “by personal experience.”
  • Write on your own. Forget about “we”, “our team”, “our company” if you are writing about a project. Just me.
  • Format your text. Use lists, bold, divide the text into paragraphs: one paragraph – one thought.
  • Minimum 300 words. Words, not symbols. Avoid short, meaningless posts.
  • The complex is simple. Always try to write accessible.

Reddit Enhancement Suite is a browser app that makes it easy to mine Reddit links

Some handy RES features comprise:

  • RES settings can be saved and loaded after reinstalling the extension;
  • RES facilitates switching between accounts for multi-profile lovers;
  • the filter for r / all allows you to remove NSFW, link posts by keywords or domains, as well as individual subreddits and filter content on them by stop words;
  • the “endless feed” function allows you to load the next page of posts automatically if you roll the wheel to the end of the page;
  • if you are subscribed to many subreddits, the tagging function, which includes stopping words, allows you to organize the visible posts in them;
  • shows in pop-up help windows available information about subreddits, users, and other fillable fields available via links.
  • allows you to reset the style of a subreddit to the standard one if its jagged design is annoying.

In fact, it is a framework for working with Reddit information arrays.


How to delete the account?

In case, you want to delete Reddit account, you should be aware of the consequences. Reddit does not have a function to deactivate the account, so the only way out is to delete your account.

Performing this action does not mean that any posted posts, comments, or other Reddit content you have shared will be removed. The message threads will remain unchanged with headers, original posts, and other comments. Your account name will disappear, but the content itself will remain. You will lose your subreddit list as well as access to any private messages you may have shared with other Reddit users.

To do this, you need to first log into the account you want to delete, click the Log in the icon. Once logged in, click on your account name in the upper right corner. From the drop-down menu, click the Custom Settings icon to take you to the Settings menu of your Reddit account. Then scroll down until you reach the Deactivate Account section. At this point, your account will be permanently deleted.

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